3D Scanning the Audi A4

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3D Scanning the Audi A4

Applied Precision was part of a team working closely Audi Canada in 2013 to create a truly unique promotion for their new Audi lineup.   We digitized an Audi A4 in our Mississauga facilities.  The 3D data for the entire Audi A4 body was scaled down to 3D print a series of Audi slot cars.  These were raced via smartphones in a glass enclosed track at Bay and King in downtown Toronto to help introduce the new Audi lineup to the financial district.  

The team custom painted each Audi slot car and installed (very) mini-cams in some of them so, when you see the track detail live some of it is from the actual cars themselves using these in car mini-cams. 

There is also some great footage of our 3D experts and our 3D technology during the digitizing process at around 4:28.  

This was a special opportunity for our team of 3D professionals to work with some great partners and with a beautifully engineered Audi sedan!




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