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ComScan - The first fully automated 3D scanning solution

The ComScan System is capable of reducing 3D inspection times by a factor of 5 to 10X while also improving reproducibility.  The patented semi-spherical gantry allows the ComScan system to quickly move a 3D scanner and part to be scanned to provide high-speed resolution automated 3D data collection.


The overall package provides improved repeatability and less need for user intervention for quality inspection and other critical 3D scanning needs.

• Robust, simple, cost effective robotic design
• Rapid setup designed for shop floor portability
• Exclusive inward-looking semi-spherical scanning envelope: true line-of sight
• Universal scanner adaptability
• ‘Teach-Pendent’ programmability streamlines repetitive parts inspection
• Automated scan patch registration – no need for closed-loop feedback
• Rapid 3D scanning of complex surface geometry
• Reduces scanning, reverse engineering and inspection project turn around times