MAME Visits Applied Precision Inc. - 2015

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McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers - 2015


McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (MAME), a non-profit student-run society focused on enhancing the experience of Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate students toured Applied Precision’s Mississauga, Ontario facilities recently.


Applied Precision's President, Robert Bell spoke to the group of some 50 engineering students about a number of important 3D technology applications.  The students also participated in live demonstrations of high precision structured light 3D scanning and 3D LIDAR scanning. 


Who is MAME? 

The McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (MAME) is a student-run society representing the roughly seven hundred mechanical engineering students at McGill University.

MAME promotes more effective learning strategies, hosts events to assist in career planning, and runs social outings to enrich the university experience beyond the academic.

Past events have included academic forums to gauge student opinions on curriculum matters, speaker series from professors and industry professionals, Industry dinners and the annual Mech Madness trip, a multi-day excursion to explore the field of mechanical engineering and to foster classmate friendships.