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Portable 3D Measurement Technology for Large Scale Measurement

3D digitizing technologies from white-light and laser scanning to photogrammetry measurement to large scale portable CMM technology offer a wide range of important benefits for aircraft component assembly & sub-assembly manufacturing.

  • Static and dynamic 3D measurement of landing gear component
  • Range of motion studies
  • High precision 3D measurement of complex parts and assemblies
  • Turbine blade and other turbo machinery component inspection with high accuracy white-light digitizing technologies
  • Full size aircraft digitizing to establish ‘as built’ 3D models for thermal studies and CFD simulation
  • Checking stock material to optimize casting and machining operations
  • Aircraft interior digitizing for VIP retrofit design requirements
  • Reverse engineering and surface geometry inspection of composite panels and tooling
  • Improved methodologies for wing slat inspection 
  • Determination of ‘as built’ 3D geometry to support CFD analysis requirements
  • 3D digitizing and modeling of ‘legacy’ aircraft components 
  • Faster, more complete inspection of turbine blads, vanes & impellers
  • Aircraft Interior digitizing for repair & re-design