Automotive Manufacturing

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Accurate & Complete 3D Data for Design, Manufacturing & Quality Inspection 

The need for accurate and complete 3D data for design, manufacturing and quality inspection in the automotive OEM and Tier 1, 2 and 3 parts suppliers are diverse and extensive. Optical 3D digitizing technologies offer numerous benefits to meet these challenges.

  • Quick turnaround of diagnostic 3D data for troubleshooting of fit and assembly issues
  • Springback analysis of small and large metal stampings
  • Comprehensive 3D inspection of stamped body panels and welded assemblies
  • 3D digitizing of molded interior components
  • Reverse engineering of part interface areas for development of aftermarket products such as styling kits
  • Flush and gap analysis
  • 3D simulation of closure assemblies
  • Reverse engineering to capture hand modifications to stamping dies
  • 3D digitizing of clay styling models to accelerate detailed design in 3D CAD
  • Digital archiving of production tooling
  • Partial reverse engineering to support quick turnaround tooling repair
  • Rapid inspection of complex tubular products such as exhaust systems and brake lines using TubeInspect technology
  • Seating systems inspection
  • 3D digitizing inspection of all component materials from injection molded plastics to blow molded tanks and reservoirs to stampings and welded assemblies to engine castings
  • 3D digitizing of ‘as built’ bodies to support CFD simulations and comparisons to theoretical CFD results
  • Competitor part and assembly analysis 
  • Reduced downtime for tool & die Maintenance & repair
  • Faster PPAP approvals