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3D Technologies for Product Development & Manufacturing Processes

3D digitizing technologies such as Steinbichler COMET white-light systems combined with powerful modeling and inspection software such as PolyWorks and Geomagic can offer the following benefits for your product development and manufacturing processes

  • Accelerated new product launches
  • Faster, more thorough part/component inspection using 3D point cloud ‘colour map’ inspection techniques
  • Reflecting engineering changes in 3D CAD models
  • Reverse engineering of prototype and hand-modified products
  • Verification of mold tooling immediately following CNC machining – injection molds; blow molds; rotational molds; compression molds
  • Offshore tooling verification
  • Fit and assembly troubleshooting
  • Plastic component shrinkage and warpage analysis
  •  High accuracy 3D digital archiving of production tooling
  • Complete reverse engineering of parts and tooling where 3D CAD data does not exist or has been lost 
  • Bringing physical prototypes and models into the 3D digital world
  • Faster first article inspection for injection moulded plastics