DELCAM PowerInspect

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Complete CAD based Inspection Solution with the capability to inspect against all CAD data with any type of measurement device

Fully integrated inspection package combining strong functionality & ease of use inspect complex parts to compare with original CAD models produce customized reports in tabular, graphical & pictorial formats.

Data is transferred from any mainstream 3D CAD package into PowerINSPECT. It compares the part or tool that was made against the original 3D CAD model - highlighting discrepancies. The integral CAD module allows models to be viewed as a wire frame then users can display the measured points, locating flaws at a glance; dynamic rotation of the model further aids visualization.Typical applications for PowerINSPECT are the inspection of prototypes, batch parts, moulds, tools, patterns, electrodes and master models.

PowerInspect is fully integrated with the Metronor Solo, Duo and Twin portable CMM technologies.