Power Generation & Turbo Machinery

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Portable & Adaptable 3D Digitizing for Complex Small & Large Scale Measurement

The portability and adaptability of advanced optical 3D digitizing technologies means that many complex small and large scale measurement needs in power generation and turbo machinery manufacturing and operations can now be successfully met.

  • Thorough and fast surface inspection of turbine blades
  • Reverse engineering of small and large turbine blades where 3D CAD data does not exist
  • Verification of ‘as built’ geometryLarge scale ‘in situ’ measurement of hydroelectric power generation units
  • 3D reverse engineering of ‘old’ hydro turbine designs to support performance optimization simulation and performance improvements
  • Large scale 2D and 3D measurement data support for power generation unit repair and overhaul 
  • Inspection of tubing for nuclear power generation
  • Faster first article inspection