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High Resolution 3D Scanning & Modeling for Art Reproduction & Manufacturing

Combining ‘art’ and ‘technology’ can be both exciting and at times, controversial. The application of 3D technology can offer many ways of enhancing the enjoyment of art and heritage artifacts and resources when creatively applied.

  • 3D digital ‘scaling up’ of works of art to allow casting of larger scale versions
  • Digital ‘archiving’ of irreplaceable works of art to protect against theft, natural disaster or erosion and weather damage over time
  • Ability to capture complex human and organic shapes to assist with the creation of sculptures and carvings in a wide variety of materials such as bronze and woods
  • Human form digitizing to support needs for high resolution graphics for special effects
  • 3D digitizing of intricate maquette work
  • High resolution 3D scanning and modelling for art reproduction manufacturing 
  • Large scale 3D scanning of historically important buildings, sculptures and monuments
  • Digital 3D capture of important archaeological sites
  • 3D analysis for art forgery forensics
  • archaeological information capture ‘on site’
  • urban planning
  • heritage site preservation