Long Range Scanning

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HDS systems or High-Definition Surveying systems are typically intended for a broad range of civil engineering, plant and building projects. At Applied Precision, HDS is more generally know as High-Density Scanning or long range 3D scanning, used for large or long objects. These systems extend the range of capabilities to allow for large object capture in full 3D point cloud density.

Rapid 3D data capture rates and straight-forward scan integration allows for complex objects or scenes to be measured easily. The key to using these systems effectively is knowing their strengths, and how to integrate these systems with other technologies to utilize the resulting 3D data to its highest potential.

Long range 3D scanning technology is used when an existing condition is needed to be known or verified. This could be to examine the complex shape involved, extract 3D measurements, or perform feasibility studies. Whether there is already 3D data available or it is suspect due to age or fabrication tolerances, high-density or long range scanning can provide new information to trust and base decisions upon.

Capturing as-built conditions can eliminate variables in projects and greatly reduce the number of site visits required, since the 3D data can be re-visited instead to confirm or take additional measurements. 3D CAD models can be created from the 3D data generated by the long range scanning process or inspection reports generated from comparisons to existing 3D CAD models or other scan data.

Deviation studies can also be undertaken with large scale 3D measurements. Either time or loads can vary between measurement sessions and the results compared to determine the influence of the changing factors.

Typical applications include:

  • Aircraft (interior/exterior)
  • Architectural Assets
  • Bridges & Roadways
  • Buildings (interior/exterior)
  • Construction sites
  • Crime & accident scenes
  • Erosion Studies
  • Factories & plant floor layouts
  • Landscapes &  Retaining walls
  • Marine Ships / Hull Shape Modeling
  • Mines
  • Monuments & Sculptures
  • Oil Rigs
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Manufacturing Process Piping Runs
  • Power Generation Plants 
  • Structural Assets
  • Infrastructure towers (cellular or power transmission)
  • Tunnels
  • Terrestrial laser scanning