Medical Device Manufacturing

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Accelerate Product Development & Reduce Time-to-Market

3D digitizing technologies including white light (Steinbichler COMET) and laser based digitizers (Steinbichler T-Scan) or scanners now offer high accuracy and excellent fine feature resolution well suited to support critical needs for development and quality inspection of medical device products.

  • Reverse engineering of medical device prototypes to accelerate product development and reduce ‘time to market’
  • Blow molded assistive devices for handicapped and elderly patients
  • Adapting designs for ‘human fit’
  • Custom fitting of orthopedic devices
  • Forged and machined metals for reconstructive surgical needs
  • 3D digitizing of typodonts
  • Orthodontic products
  • 3D data support for product approval trials
  • Development of fixtures for the manufacturing of medical devices with complex, organic shapes
  • Quality inspection of small, complex tubing for medical equipment
  • Capturing complex 3D ‘human’ features to provided data for medical research needs
  • High resolution 3D data for specialized surgical and dental training programs
  • Alignment and diagnostic services for medical equipment setup &  installation
  • 3D data to assist with reconstructive surgery planning & Post-operative assessment
  • Custom fitting of hearing aids