PolyWorks Modeler

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Create accurate, smooth polygonal models and NURBS surfaces from high-density point clouds

Aligning 3D Point Cloud Datasets:  Digitizing the surface of a part/tool may require the acquisition of several 3D “point cloud” data sets from different viewpoints. PolyWorks® uses an automatic alignment process to unify different 3D datasets, bringing them into a common coordinate system and capable of merging millions of coordinate points generated with the Steinbichler COMET System.

Merging Multiple Datasets: PolyWorks® merges multiple 3D point cloud datasets into a high-resolution polygon mesh. Overlapping data can be eliminated easily and the resulting model precisely reflects the geometry of the physical model.

Editing and Reducing Polygons:  PolyWorks® also provides an editing solution to assist in preparation of an accurate polygon model for CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping needs.  


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