Reverse Engineering

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Applied Precision provides reverse engineering services to our customers. Our team of experts will construct a 3D CAD model based on the use of various 3D digitizing technologies to capture important geometry from a part or tool where a CAD model has been lost or is non existent. 
In the many cases our customers come to us because CAD does not exist. It may have been lost ore ‘take over’ tooling has received without any CAD information. In each case our customers know that Applied Precision can provide the turn key solution from precision scanning to 3D modeling to 2D prints if required.
Different types of CAD models can be created depending on requirements. A rapid NURBs model can be quickly created based upon high quality 3D ‘point cloud’ data or fully parametric models can be built using a variety of techniques in CAD software. A wide range of CAD data formats can be provided once the reverse engineering process is completed. The 3D data captured can then be used to develop tooling including moulds, dies and fixtures as well as a basis for quality inspection.