As we all work through the challenges of the new era post-pandemic, we will continue to rethink and reassess the use of workspace and plan for the future. This involves adjusting the ‘traditional’ office design and layout and adding new collaboration technologies and equipment to support employees and work processes. To design the digital workspace, office and other facility layouts need to be professionally measured and planned from fresh perspectives before the changes take place.

How to Transform the Workplace for the Hybrid Workforce?

Challenge: Lack of 'as-built' information for retrofitting

  • Accurate and detailed 2D drawings or facility 3D ‘digital twins’ provide project stakeholders with the ‘as-built’ information for planning, designing, and building more adaptive spaces and layouts

  • The original workplace drawings could have been inaccurate and out of date due to changes that occurred over many years, and no current digital drawings exist
  • LiDAR 3D Scanning office

    Our Approach

    LiDAR 3D scanning brings unmatched accuracy, detail and speed in capturing important 3D information from:

    • Existing layouts, equipment locations and details, and infrastructure are located even in hard-to-reach places

    • Visible structural, MEP, and HVAC system elements are readily captures
    Office Scan Data


    From the 3D scan data, our experts deliver the following outputs:

    • 2D floor plans, 3D models, and BIM models reflecting the ‘as-built’ condition and change-ready

    • Conduct clash detection – to identify if, where, or how two elements within the building may interfere with one another
    • Digital simulation of the movement or addition of people, furnishings, and equipment that would fit in the current space and optimization relative to planned improvements
    • Resolve potential clearance issues

    Benefits of Applying 3D Digitization to the Office Retrofit Projects

    • Fast, accurate creation of 2D floor plan & 3D models

    • Enable digital office design and hybrid office use

    • Allow architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners to work collaboratively with the data
    • Improve utilization of the working space

    • Create a “Digital Twin” of the office based on the data to understand, monitor, and predict the physical asset

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