Most of today's best visual effects and render-ready assets are produced from 3D reality capture and modeled in a virtual environment.

The creation of many film scenes consists of advanced special effects made from physical locations, sets, or assets. That’s why 3D technology and expertise can be your go-to-tool to make life-like VFX through digitization, at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional approaches.

Capture Location and Environment with LiDAR 3D Scanning

3D technologies have long been the foundation for capturing physical assets for the creation of visual effects. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) 3D scanning captures sets and environments that can be used to create clean meshes or simplified surface models for digital location replication and making scenes. LiDAR can capture the entirety of the environment’s moment from a consistent perspective without missing any of the small details.

Finest details of the environment can be captured to create CGI with LiDAR 3D scanning

Create Character and Prop VFX through 3D Scanning

Characters and props can be easily captured as extremely high-detailed color 3D models for a variety of VFX and CGI applications. Structured-light scanners capture props, objects, and actors' faces and bodies. Accurate 3D scans of props and actors can replace their physical counterparts and transform into the actual scenes. 

Team Canada Use Applied Precision Team for 3D Scanning
VFX 3D Scanning for Team Canada Characters and Props
The Shape of Water VFX Scan from Applied Precision 3D

Read how Oscar's Best Picture and Best Directing winner - The Shape of Water used Applied Precision 3D’s expert team to create stunning visual effects:

Improved Prop 3D Scanning with AESUB 3D Scanning Spray

If you are already using 3D scanning, obtain professional 3D scanning results from your in-house 3D scanners by applying AESUB 3D scanning sprays. AESUB 3D scanning sprays create a thin, homogeneous coating on the object, allowing the scanner to read the surface far more accurately. No cleanup is required as the self-vanishing spray evaporates within hours, leaving no residue. Your numerous props and objects can be scanned into highly detailed 3D CAD models for replication, documentation, 3D printing, and animation.

AESUB Product Family

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