Taking off with powerful 3D technologies and expertise.

Close AEROSPACE MANUFACTURING Taking off with powerful 3D technologies and expertise Applied Precision provides high precision, static and dynamic 3D metrology solutions to the aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. With more than 18 years of global 3D technology experience, we have delivered powerful testing, design and inspection solutions to our customers to improve quality, and accelerate product development.

  • Fast 3D inspection of complex machined surfaces
  • Quality inspection and remanufacturing using high-density 3D data
  • Damage assessments – sand, hail, part wear
  • Reverse engineering of legacy parts and assemblies
  • Precision ‘as built’ data for aerodynamics and stress analysis
  • Prototyping, tooling and mold design
  • Component and cabin / interior x,y,z dimensions
  • Compliance / verification assurance
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Reliable data for additive manufacturing needs
  • Re-Motoring
  • Aircraft interiors – large-scale measurement reliability

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