AESUB 3D Scanning Spray for Digital Dentistry and Orthodontic Practices

Looking to improve your 3D scanning and digital dentistry?

AESUB 3D Sprays are ideal for dental applications especially for single tooth scanning/measuring for re-building (synthetics, synthetic coated models) and mold/wax figure models. AESUB sprays use a micro-thin nano coating for precision scanning, allowing the scanner to read the surface far more accurately than otherwise able, providing your dental patients or products with a comfort and accuracy that goes unmatched. 

Even when using modern extraoral dental 3D scanners in digital dentistry, it is necessary to use matting dental CAD/CAM sprays to achieve good contrast values and thus precise 3D measurement results. Scanning transparent, reflective objects or objects with deep pockets, such as brackets, or dental splints, is where the state-of-the-art AESUB 3D scanning spray offers tremendous value. AESUB’s fine, homogeneous coating provides the best quality for these dental scanning challenges. Plus, the self-vanishing spray makes life easier by eliminating the need to clean after scanning. 

AESUB 3D Scan Spray Application on Dental is as Easy as...


Shake and Spray

Shake the can in a straight up and down motion, then gently push down the spray button and move the can until the coating covers the entire surface.


Scan Your Object

As soon as your object is covered with a nice, thin coating of AESUB 3D Spray, you can begin to scan.



If you choose either AESUB Blue, Orange or Green, your spray will automatically dissolve leaving you with a pristine, residue free surface. With AESUB White it's a quick clean and you're good to go.

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Find the Right AESUB 3D Scanning Spray for Your Dental Needs

Improve your accuracy, efficiency and client satisfaction when you leverage the power of AESUB. Read the breakdown and chart below to help you choose the right AESUB 3D spray for your needs. 


Pigment free and fast to dissolve, AESUB blue is a self-volatile scanning spray. In a dental lab, it can be extremely beneficial as it helps eliminate fundamental application problems of 3D measurement technology. With AESUB blue, you can scan dental objects without worry of cleaning of debris. 

AESUB Orange

AESUB orange is a self-evaporating, extra long-lasting scanning spray. It eliminates technical and accuracy problems that are often encountered on projects extending beyond a few hours. With AESUB orange, you can increase efficiency and productivity throughout the digitization process, with no cleanup required. 


AESUB green is a self-volatile, long-lasting scanning spray liquid. It eliminates fundamental application problems of 3D measurement technology, especially in sensitive areas such as laboratories. While very practical for large scale projects, it is unlikely a dental lab will require the bulk application of AESUB Green. 


AESUB white is a permanent scanning spray. AESUB white contains pigments, drift and solvents and has been optimized for material compatibility. With improved surface homogeneity and reduced layer thickness, AESUB white sets new standards for long term, disposable or permanent scanning projects.

Compare AESUB 3D Scanning Sprays

Even when using modern extraoral dental 3D scanners in digital dentistry, it is necessary to use matting CAD/CAM sprays to achieve good contrast and precise 3D measurements. Find the right spray for you by using our chart below to compare the benefits of AESUB.

Product Features


AESUB Orange



Vanishing Spray

Spray Disolves After

4 Hours

12-24 Hours

6 Hours


Perfect to Use for

Quick and Short Scanning Projects

Longer Scanning Projects

Large Scale Scanning Projects

Disposable and Long Term Scanning Projects

Pigment Free

Safe to Spray Around Scanning Equipment 

Thin and Homogeneous Coating

Free of Pigments and Titanium dioxide (TiO2)

Developed and Tested by Scanning Experts

Requires Spray Gun

Applied Precision is one of Canada's leading experts in 3D metrology. We fully support and endorse AESUB as a product that helps to excel professionals within the dental field to improve and enhance their 3D scanning processes and results. As the first company to deliver high-precision structured light 3D scanning to the Canadian dental industry, we trust AESUB for its high-precision scanning.

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