Construction and 3D Scanning.

LiDAR scanning has become an increasingly important tool for site Project Managers and Engineers to accelerate the accurate, detailed capture of ‘as built’ conditions prior to and during construction. This powerful digital technology is much faster and more detailed than conventional construction measurement tools resulting in time and money savings.

In essence the LiDAR scanning and 3D modeling process results in a highly detailed ‘digital twin’ of the facility or construction site that allows for much more effective stakeholder and Project Team communication and collaboration.

LiDAR data can be used to support design processes but, also to troubleshoot problems that may occur during construction. For example, structural steel, concrete, aluminum structures and architectural elements can be LiDAR scanned and effectively measured at any point during the construction process. This ‘as built’ information can be digitally compared back to the original designs for deviation analysis to determine the extent of a problem or the need for site changes to adapt. Since this is accomplished digitally, the Project Team can readily participate in the analysis across different locations using readily available digital collaboration options to accommodate the multidisciplinary Team members and the various sub-trades involved.