From product design to QA to packaging 3D tools add value Complex.

Complex Free Form Shapes

Many of today’s consumer products from bottles to household appliances to children’s toys involve complex, organic shapes. Whether supporting early stage product development, new product launches or on-going QA needs, advanced 3D scanning technology and 3D software combined with our expertise offers a powerful set of 3D tools to help you succeed at all stages in the life of your product. Getting you from ‘physical to digital’ is the strength that our Team brings to yours!

Root Cause Analysis

Plastic molding and product assembly involves many challenges. Today’s 3D digitizing technologies bring the measurement accuracy, speed and ‘point density’ to ensure quick and definitive root cause analysis is available to get your product back on track.

Conventional metrology tools such as hand gages and coordinate measurement machines or CMMs often just don’t cut it with the market demands and production schedules that you have to meet. Quantifying and devising corrective action for shrinkage and warpage is now possible like never before. Digital 3D technology can help you save time with more reliable, comprehensive part, assembly and tooling information including statistical trends and 3D visualization.

Tooling Inspection and Repair

Applying our advanced 3D technologies and our many years of tooling inspection experience helps ensure the successful build of your new tooling after CNC machining or for tooling repairs. From complex injection mold cores and cavities, to blow molds and roto molds or even composite tooling, small to very large; we have the 3D technology to ensure it is done right.

Rapid 3D Printing Prototyping

There are times when an accurate, complete, fully functional prototype is essential to validate expected performance, ergonomics, and customer acceptance. Our 18+ years ‘3D scan to print’ experience is available to help you work through these product development and launch challenges successfully. We can also help you assess the relative merits of additive manufacturing versus traditional manufacturing depending on product complexity, production volumes, material properties and other considerations.

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