Form – Complex Organic Shapes

Products such as cellular devices, household appliances and children’s toys often involve complex, organic shapes. Whether supporting early stage product development, new product launches or on-going QA needs, advanced 3D scanning technology and 3D software combined with our expertise offers a powerful set of 3D tools to help you succeed at all stages in the life of your product. Getting you from ‘physical to digital’ is the strength that our Team brings to yours!

Fit – Assembly Analysis

Many of today’s electronic devices require tight assembly tolerances. High precision product measurement and assembly is a crucial aspect of ensuring delivery of a product which must perform, last and look good for consumers.

Today’s 3D digitizing technologies bring the measurement, accuracy, speed and ‘point density’ required to ensure quick and definitive root cause analysis to keep your product on track. Our 3D technologies ensure we have the capability to inspect micro features such as pin capillarity, and larger fields of view to inspect housing shapes and fit and seal areas of your product. Our expertise ranges from small intricate connectors to large, moulded housings or assemblies.

Function – 3D Printing Prototyping

New designs often have unexpected challenges. A prototype is often used as part of the product design process to allow engineers and designers the ability to explore design alternatives, check ergonomics, simulate market peformance and test other theories prior to starting production of a new product. Engineers use their experience to tailor the prototype according to the specific unknowns still present in the intended design. We can help you assess the relative merits of additive manufacturing versus traditional manufacturing depending on product complexity, production volumes, material properties and other considerations.

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