Amidst the competitive fishing lure industry, Blue Water Baits set out to redefine their product development process. This case study uncovers their journey to success, where 3D CAD modeling became the catalyst for ground-breaking innovation.

The Challenge 

Blue Water Baits, a leading manufacturer of fish lures, sought to enhance their product development process by leveraging advanced 3D scanning technology. The challenge was to accurately digitize and create 3D CAD models of two lure bodies, ensuring precision and symmetry in their designs.

Action Steps 

To address this challenge, Blue Water Baits collaborated with Applied Precision 3D, Canada's leading provider of 3D scanning and 3D modeling services. The following critical steps were followed:

Precision 3D Scanning Services

Challenge Definition

Applied Precision 3D conducted a detailed assessment to understand the requirements and scope of the project, ensuring a seamless execution.

3D Scanning 

Zeiss structured light technology captured the complex organic lure geometry. AESUB 3D scan spray ensured excellent data quality. Careful positioning ensured feature capture

Data Processing & CAD Creation 

The 3D scan data was aligned using Polyworks, transformed into hybrid CAD models using as-built & NURBS techniques. Mirroring ensured symmetry, with precise modeling of intricate details


The collaboration between Blue Water Baits and Applied Precision 3D yielded remarkable results, revolutionizing the product development process. Here are the key outcomes:

Precise Digitization

Applied Precision's 3D scanning provided accurate geometry capture, enabling BLue Water Baits to analyze designs virtually.

Enhanced Design Efficiency 

Hybrid CAD models enabled efficient design iterations, streamlined development, and improved efficiency for Blue Water Baits.

Seamless Collaboration

Applied Precision 3D expertise and communication skills ensured a smooth collaboration, helping Blue Water Baits achieve project success.  

Time and Cost Saving

3D scanning technology saved Blue Water Baits time and costs by eliminating manual measurements and reducing prototyping iterations.


The integration of 3D scanning technology into Blue Water Baits' product development process, in collaboration with Applied Precision 3D, marked a significant milestone in their pursuit of excellence. The accurate digitization of muskie lure bodies and the creation of precise hybrid CAD models provided Blue Water Baits with a powerful tool to innovate, refine, and deliver exceptional muskie lure performance to their customers.

This successful case study demonstrates the transformative impact of 3D scanning technology and expertise on the fishing lure industry, paving the way for future advancements in product design and development.

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