Geomagic Control X Functionality: 3D Scanning Made Accessible

Focusing on the automotive and aerospace industries, the Geomagic Control X platform provides unique and innovative solutions that increase design efficiency by up to 50% compared to competing software platforms.

Aside from accurately measuring and validating real-world parts much faster, vehicle engineers have indispensable tools at their fingertips to initialize simple and proficient workflows. This revolutionary metrology software platform provides comprehensive, intuitive controls so that you can create traceable, intuitive, and repeatable workflows and ensure heightened quality control.

Geomagic Control X makes it easier to take high-quality measurements, implement in-depth 3D inspections, and speed up the analysis of manufactured parts and assemblies. All of this and more can be achieved without compromising on accuracy, proficiency, or precision.


Power and Simplicity to Achieve Reliable Results

This advanced, yet easy-to-use software is designed to help you achieve desirable results at your own pace without having to worry about adjusting the system along the way. As the name suggests, the Geomagic Control X puts you, the user, in control. You can also measure 3D objects in any order or style that suits you.

Using historical CAD-based dimensioning tools, you can import communications from and into complementary software systems and work within your comfort zone.

Geomagic Control X Features

  • Scan processing automation
  • Deviation location
  • Airfoil analysis
  • Multi-alignment inspection
  • Custom reporting
  • Enhanced UI/UX
  • Enhanced scanning and import capabilities
  • Workflow-driven processes
  • Repeatable probing process
  • Easily add annotations