Heritage Site Preservation & Architectural Redesign.

Beneath the Gothic turrets and gargoyles at One Spadina Crescent stands a magnificent moss covered structure from the 1800’s, rumored by some to be haunted. Although there really haven’t been any good ghost stories reported, the building does possess an eerie reputation, including an unsolved murder of a professor, and the unfortunate death of a young woman on a ghost hunting expedition.

This well known Toronto landmark was designed by architects Smith & Gemmel in the Gothic Revival style of architecture, and was built in 1875. It was originally known as Knox College, a theological school. Over the past century the property has undergone many changes, including being used as barracks during the First World War, and then as a hospital, a medical research laboratory and most recently to house a number of faculty offices and studios for the University of Toronto’s School of Architecture and Fine Arts Departments.

As with many historical structures, Mother Nature took her toll on this beautiful piece of architecture over the years, and it fell into significant need of repair. In order to save this part of Toronto’s heritage, the University of Toronto contracted an architectural firm to restore the exterior and interior, as well as to include an addition to the rear section of the building that would serve the needs of the University
of Toronto for years to come.

The Applied Precision Team was contacted to assist the architects in this amazing project. With the use of portable, cutting-edge 3D scanning equipment, we were able to capture the details of the brick and woodwork from the interior and exterior with incredible precision and accuracy. The 3D scanning equipment was also able to precisely capture the building’s dimensions and layout. The 3D data provided to the architectural firm responsible for renovating the building will be used to assist them in achieving a successful redesign.

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