As North American manufacturers navigating through the impacts of the pandemic, we have experienced and developed a heightened appreciation for the fragility and vulnerability of many of our global supply chains.  ‘Re-shoring’ has become a topic of much thought and debate among industry leaders.  To what extent will the economy be less global?  Will we see a return to more regional economies?

Critical decisions in 3D

The decision to ‘re-shore’ (or not) your primary production or component supplies is both a strategic and complex one with immediate and long-term implications.  Having worked extensively with OEMs, Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers across a variety of industries for over two decades, we understand the critical importance of accurate, reliable component and final product information to ensure designs, manufacturing processes and on-going quality assurance is never compromised.

Do we have the 3D information to successfully re-short production or component supplies?  Do we have current part, assembly and tooling data?

As your Team works through these decisions, you can rely upon our Team for critical 3D information to help guide those decisions and minimize risk.

1. Reverse engineering of components, assemblies and tooling when only incomplete or questionable CAD information is available.
2. Precise and comprehensive 3D metrology support including independent QA to validate part and tooling geometry when quick and solid production decisions are needed.
3. Reliable, precise ‘as built’ 3D data for FEA, CFD and other required simulations.
4. LiDAR 3D scanning and modeling – plant and equipment layouts.
5. Enabling tools for better communication and digital information access – hands-free computing for industry.
6. Digital transformation support – deep skills and abilities for digitizing your products, your processes and your manufacturing facilities.
7. Technology solutions for better North American workforce training, remote technical support and expert knowledge capture.

Informed decisions – industry resources are available

A recently launched initiative, Reshoring Canada, is promoting and assisting in the sensible reshoring of Canadian business operations. Those in the automotive, tool & die industries and resource sectors such as mining and energy are particularly susceptible to supply chain disruptions, so many are in the early stages of evaluating or planning to re-shore large parts of their operations.  The right combination of 3D digital transformation technologies and expertise can help reduce design and launch costs and shorten tooling and production start-up times for those committing to reshoring.

Applied Precision 3D’s Team and engineering grade technology solutions can quickly establish precise CAD reference models to meet the most demanding part design and tooling tolerances. This technology can be applied from small to large parts and all types of tooling; from intricate electronic connectors to seating systems, to welded assemblies, to full body in white! Quickly acquire highly detailed 3D data on all components of a vehicle so you can move faster and benefit fully from re-shoring opportunity.