3D Marine Scanning – LiDAR

Our Marine LiDAR services are applicable to shipbuilding, repairs, and maintenance by capturing marine assets including dry docks, marine infrastructures, and ship components in 3D. The long-range 3D laser scanner maximizes resolution and accuracy while producing 3D point clouds with high accuracy and a high level of detail. Processed point clouds from 3D scanning represent the ‘as-built’ condition of the marine assets and can be registered and transformed into survey coordinates to develop accurate and highly detailed 3D "as-built" CAD drawings and BIM models.

Quality Inspection and Reverse Engineering

3D scanning is extremely useful for inspection of marine assets. With 3D data, a digital twin can be created to provide visual deviation color maps of the 'as-built' condition of the original design, allowing our 3D experts to detect the problems and provide support for naval architecture and marine equipment design. Legacy marine parts and assemblies of all sizes can be reconstructed without a CAD model, known as "reverse engineering."

Reliable 3D Metrology Expertise to Overcome Challenges in Marine

3D Naval Structure Scanning
  • Lock and dock 3D ‘as built’ LiDAR scanning for maintenance and repair planning
  • 3D digitizing of all types of marine infrastructure
  • 3D scanning support for naval architecture and marine equipment design
  • Dry dock repair and maintenance reference geometry data capture
  • Accident damage 3D/2D digital documentation and quantification

  • High precision, long range 3D metrology support for ship construction and repair
  • Engine room 3D digital layouts for maintenance/upgrade planning
  • Marine asset digital documentation/records
  • Reverse engineering of legacy marine parts and assemblies (all sizes)
  • Material quantity estimates
3D Ship Scanning
Use of RealWear in Marine Industry

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