3D technologies and expertise to accelerate your design and development processes for that critical competitive edge.

Free Form Shapes

With a powerful range of optical 3D metrology technologies at its disposal, the Applied Precision Team offers the expertise to measure delicate and intricate free-form objects of various material types. This non-contact technology is particularly well suited for demanding quality assurance and high accuracy needs for the medical device industry.

Critical Inspection

With over 18 years of 3D scanning, modeling and printing experience, Applied Precision 3D has made a name for itself when it comes to quality control. This includes the critical inspection of all types of plastics, metals and composite materials in the form of early stage or advanced prototypes, manufactured parts, assemblies and tooling.

Efficient and Affordable

Our proven 3D services will help you meet your development deadlines and market delivery targets. No matter the obstacles, our Team of 3D experts has the capabilities and skills to meet your needs at any given time at a competitive cost. On-site deployment and a swift 24-hour service can address urgent needs, wherever and whenever they arise.

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