Applied Precision 3D and Canadian Additive Manufacturing Solutions announce they have partnered to deliver the full spectrum of 3D expertise, services and solutions manufacturers need to leverage 3D technologies for success today—and tomorrow.

With the rapid evolution of additive manufacturing technologies and 3D metrology, manufacturing is on the threshold of a technological transformation that will take the sector into a new era of competitiveness, productivity, efficiencies and innovation.

“Today’s additive manufacturing technologies are at an industrial level which means manufacturers can begin transforming their businesses now,” said Curtis Pastorius, Canadian Additive Manufacturing Solutions’ managing director. “We have the equipment and expertise to help them integrate additive solutions with their current operations.”

Together, Applied Precision 3D and Canadian Additive Manufacturing Solutions have decades of 3D technologies expertise, leading-edge products and services to help manufacturers leap over adoption challenges to take advantage of 3D technologies for greater competitiveness, innovation and growth in today’s challenging global economy.

“Applied Precision is a pioneer in 3D metrology services. We’ve been doing this for almost two decades and have built a wealth of expertise,” said Robert Bell, the company’s president. “Now, we’re looking forward to applying that expertise along with Canadian Additive Manufacturing Solutions to becoming the go-to partner for manufacturers as they journey through the 3D technologies transformation.”