Critical 3D Engineering and Construction Information.

Accurate and complete 3D information is essential to meet many project challenges in today’s demanding energy marketplace. Delays and re-work can be very costly. High quality 3D measurement data, models and comprehensive 3D comparisons means stronger project plans, higher likelihood of meeting deadlines and keeping your project on track and on budget.

Capture “As built” Plant Layouts

3D laser scanning, laser tracking and modeling expertise are powerful planning tools for clearance analysis, plant asset updates and support for engineering design changes. This includes important details such as concrete structures, other structural elements, vessels, piping, equipment and cable runs.

Our Team’s international experience ranges from refineries to hydroelectric plants, to stations of all types, to renewable units and nuclear plants.

Digitizing Legacy Components

A wide range of portable, high precision 3D digitizing technologies make it possible to both reverse engineer legacy components such as turbine blades, draft tubes, vessels, pumps, motors and other equipment as well as support engineering improvements by establishing exactly what is in installed and in operation today.

In situations where 2D or 3D CAD drawings do not exist, are not accurate or are out of date, our Team of experts can draw upon more than 22 years of reverse engineering experience to deliver quick and definitive 3D solutions including essential data for CFD and FEA analysis.

Mining 3D Services

Measure Anywhere in 3D

3D measurements can be completed in the most remote locations and where clear and safe, inside a unit. Having successfully executed many assignments from Niagara Falls, Canada to Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia and as far away as the Middle East, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand and Indonesia our Team is equipped for demanding assignments nearly anywhere!

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