Precision 3D Scanning Services

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, we digitize your parts, prototypes and tooling from precision 3D measurement. 

As manufacturing gets more automated, the ability to bridge the gap between physical objects in the real world and the digital environment is extremely valuable. From precision 3D scanning, engineers can digitize parts, prototypes, tooling, assemblies, and many other types of physical elements for today’s manufacturing processes. 

With over 20 years of 3D scanning and digitation expertise, Applied Precision 3D has successfully implemented numerous scanning and digitization projects in automotive, aerospace, tool & die, consumer products, and many other manufacturing sectors. Our metrology-grade blue-light scanner captures up to millions of 3D measurement points in seconds. Parts with complex features can be captured many times faster with a metrology grade 3D scanner and produce higher levels of detail. 

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Key Applications of Precision 3D Scanning Services:

Structured Light Scanning

Structured light scanning is an optical non-contact measurement method for three-dimensional measurement of physical objects. Structured light scanning typically involves the projection of a visible light source with a projection pattern that changes over a short period of time, generally white or blue light. At the same time, a camera system records the observed pattern and its changes on the object. Triangulation calculations are then performed to derive the three-dimensional information, or 3D data, about the physical objects being scanned.

Our latest blue light scanners use LED technology to capture up to 2 million 3D measurement points in approximately 1.5 seconds. Parts with complex features can be captured many times faster using this process. 

Blue Light Scanning

3D Digitization

Once the scan data has been taken from 3D scanning, the digital file can be used to create a 3D CAD file, which allows for alteration to the model in a digital environment, and testing in a physical environment from 3D printing. 3D scanning serves the following applications in the manufacturing industry:

  • Quality Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Product Development Support
  • Tooling Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
  • Digital Twin
Mold 3D Scan Results

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With 20+ years of professional 3D experience, Applied Precision 3D is your expert resource for 3D services in the Greater Toronto Area.