AESUB 3D Scanning Spray

For our customers who operate their own 3D scanning equipment we provide state of the art AESUB 3D scanning spray. The innovative AESUB blue and AESUB white are available Canada-wide from the experts at Applied Precision 3D (including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Windsor, and Winnipeg).

AESUB's revolutionary state of the art 3D scanning sprays greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of the 3D scanning and measuring process through the creation of a thin homogeneous coating on top of reflective surfaces. AESUB blue offers users the ability to acquire highly-detailed scans, with zero cleanup; simply apply the spray, scan the object, and the spray will dissolve within the hour. For cost-conscious customers, AESUB white offers a traditional scanning spray experience which requires the spray to be wiped away.

All of our AESUB products are now available for purchase through our online store!

AESUB blue

Disappearing Scanning Spray

Using AESUB's patented formula, AESUB blue offers a high quality scanning experience with none of the messy cleanup. Simply spray the object, and within an hour the coating will dissolve leaving the object spotless.

· Disappearing state of the art scanning spray

· Thin and homogeneous coating

· Free of pigments

· Developed and approved by scanning experts

AESUB white

Semi-Permanent Scanning Spray

For use on industrial or non-aesthetic objects, the AESUB white offers a cost-effective scanning spray solution for customers. The thin coating of spray will remain on the object, but is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or rag.

· 3D scanning spray which requires wiping to clean

· Free of titanium dioxide nano particles (TiO2)

· Thin and homogeneous coating

· Developed and approved by scanning experts

Innovation in Action

Watch either video below to see AESUB blue in action. Scanning reflective surfaces is no problem with AESUB scanning sprays, and with AESUB blue cleanup is non-existent.

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