Sports and Recreation

You: Recreational Product Design & QA

US: 3D Solutions for Better Design and Quality

Plastics, Metals, & Composites

Plastics, alloys, leather, glass, aluminum, composites, rubber – whatever the material type or combination your product requires, our 18 years of practical 3D experience will ensure you receive the most reliable
3D information to support your product design, development and quality objectives. The Applied Precision Team is your ally in tackling the most difficult design and production challenges.

Root Cause Analysis

Molding and product assembly involves many challenges. Today’s 3D digitizing technologies bring the measurement accuracy, speed and ‘point density’ to ensure quick and definitive root cause analysis is available
to get your product back on track. Conventional metrology tools such as hand gages and CMMs often don’t cut it with today’s market demands and production schedules.

Quantifying and devising corrective action for shrinkage and warpage is now possible like never before with more reliable, comprehensive 3D part, assembly, and tooling information including statistical trends
and 3D visualization.

Tooling Inspection and Repair

Applying our advanced 3D technologies and our many years of tooling inspection experience helps ensure the successful build of your new tooling after CNC machining or for tooling repairs. From complex injection
mold cores and cavities, to blow molds and roto molds or composite tooling, small to very large; we have the 3D technology to ensure it is done right.

Scalable 3D Solutions

From microns to metres, we can handle the full gamut of difficult metrology requirements regardless of part or assembly size. Our scalable 3D metrology solutions ensure you can visualize, record, and take corrective
action. Our goal is to help you optimize your product development processes and to assess and act on quality issues definitively and quickly!