ThingWorx IIoT Platform Accelerates Your Success

ThingWorx IIoT is an integrated technology platform that enables the Industrial Internet of Things to be accessed from anywhere. It provides tools and technologies to enable businesses to quickly develop and deploy powerful applications as well as augmented reality (AR), experiences.

ThingWorx makes it easy to create powerful IIoT-enabled apps, dashboards and workspaces. ThingWorx's experience and Applied Precision’s knowledge will empower you to create complete, customizable solutions for enterprise deployment.

ThingWorx IIoT's role is to provide the building blocks and foundation for solutions to industrial use cases. It also allows the ability to tailor applications to suit your needs and facilitate a repeatable process to minimize time and effort in the future.

ThingWorx and IOT: How they can benefit you

ThingWorx is flexible and specifically designed for IIoT. It empowers industrial enterprises with digital transformation of every aspect their business. The innovative solutions are easy to create, simple to implement, scalable to meet future requirements, and accelerate time-to-value.

Maximize Revenue

Unlock new business opportunities, such as product-as-a-service, to realize value-added growth factors, scale to new markets, and improve throughput.

Reduce Cost

To increase productivity, decrease costs and increase efficiency, you can leverage data from connected products or systems.

Reduce Time

Get to market even faster  with quick application development and a wide range of capabilities to wrap or extend existing solutions.

Ultimate Flexibility

Flexible deployment options include on-premise, cloud, or in a combined approach that can be used in any industrial application.

IOT is a purpose-built for industrial applications

Realize Industrial Connectivity

Connect IT and OT systems together to transform your operation, prevent unplanned downtime and ensure equipment compliance.

Flexible Deployment

Eliminate any barriers to loT implementation. Take control of loT deployment options using hybrid, cloud, or on-premise flexibility.

Access to Root-cause Analysis

Access advanced custom analytics using connected data to discover what is slowing you down so you can resolve it faster.

Leverage Data in Actionable Context

Maximize visibility to loT data, and empower teams with custom dashboards and real-time analytics to enable them to take action.

Increase Throughput and OEE Support

Understanding hidden issues and how they affect mission-critical performance metrics will help you stay on task and more effective than ever.

Scale Your Improvements Across Job Sites

Maximize visibility and uptime across multiple sites, connect equipment to the plant floor (including brownfield assets).

What is IIOT: The Benefits of IOT for You and Your Business

Watch the video below to learn about IIoT. You will be guided through the basics and how IOT is helping to advance your business processes. 

The Industry Internet of Things (IIoT), is a way to describe the digitally connected universe of everyday devices in a business environment. These devices include sensors, internet connectivity, and hardware that allows communication and control via web.

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