Using 3D Imaging to Help Troubleshoot for Quick and Definitive Solutions

Applied Precision’s 3D Experts have industry leading knowledge and tools that provide unmatched accuracy in part inspection. Our 3D technologies and expertise can help you diagnose and resolve tooling design, wear and operational issues with the most advanced high precision 3D metrology. It can also assist in refining processes and equipment already established to improve efficiency and save you money.

Common Challenges

  • Part distortion such as spring back, warp and irregular shrink
  • Undocumented tooling changes
  • Existing CAD is suspect or possibly not current Need for comprehensive verification of part geometry in the tool
  • Critical reference geometry needed for urgent tooling repairs Parting surfaces or pinch off damage
  • Tool wear or damage not fully known
  • Missing or incomplete 2D or 3D CAD data

The Solutions

Applied Precision 3D provides reliable, high precision and independent inspection services to help quantify and understand the problem immediately. We help you troubleshoot and solve issues with efficiencies, fix tool and die equipment based inaccuracies, and refine your processes. We provide the following solutions for the Tool and Die based industries:

  • Comprehensive 3D comparisons to all common CAD formats to verify the overall geometry and GD&T requirements
  • Partial or complete 3D CAD creation from high precision, high density scan data
  • Full 3D measurement to understand tool wear and damage using worldclass analysis software
  • Windage and spring back calculations and modeling
  • NURBs surfacing to precisely capture fine tuning of mold and die surfaces including hand modifications

The Benefits

Applied Precision helps you and your business save time and money, while reducing ongoing expenses and overhead costs by providing you with thorough and the most reliable 3D information available.

  • Solve your problems quickly – our engineering grade 3D scanners capture millions of points in just seconds for accurate and efficient diagnostics
  • Proactive measurement – understand wear and other geometry issues so they can be understood and anticipated carefully to reduce downtime
  • Applied Precision have been leaders in 3D technology and professional services for over 22 years.
  • Industry leading processes and procedures, developed over our history allow us to provide you with unmatched efficiency

Applied Precision provides a 100% professional experience. Whether troubleshooting isolated Tool and Die issues or scanning your entire site to improve your efficiencies, we commit our professionalism and depth of expertise into every job we do. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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