Steinbichler COMET L3D

3D Data Aquisition using LED Lighting Technology

Introducing the COMET L3D – a new 3D scanner featuring LED lighting technology. This extremely compact, high-performance 3D scanner adds a new dimension to fast and efficient 3D data acquisition. The COMET L3D
is ultra-portable, easy to operate and offers excellent accuracy. The COMET L3D is the ideal cost-effective entry level solution for users who want to take advantage of the many benefits of optical scanning
metrology without compromising performance, technology or data quality.

The COMET L3D was designed for easy handling while offering maximum flexibility and efficiency for all 3D measurement challenges. The COMET L3D is particularly well suited for quality assurance of small and
medium-sized plastic or metal parts and assemblies. The non-contact 3D measurement technology within the COMET L3D also ensures that you can measure delicate and fragile objects (e.g. plastic or foam materials)
that are very difficult to measure using conventional measuring machines with probe-based measuring heads.

The BLUE LED technology of the COMET L3D enables you to capture up to 2 million 3D measurement points in approximately 1.5 seconds. Parts with complex features can be captured many times faster using this process
than by using conventional probe-based measurement systems.